I am going to present to you what is trending in 2018. Actually, this is about Vuejs. This technology is a progressive JavaScript framework and its purpose is to create bright web apps with minimum effort. According to studies from the state of JavaScript, Vue is the front-end library that web developers would most like to learn.


My intent is to explain why you should choose Vue.js and give you a quick tour of the advantages of building apps with Vue. If you are in phase with the news circulating around, you must know that JavaScript has matured a great deal in the last 10 years and the big majority of their code on the server side has been moved into the browser. As their complexity grew, so have their frameworks to keep things more organized. My job is not to tell you why one is better than the other, but a great research on this comparison is available on the official Vue docs.

Vue.js intends to be an approachable, versatile, performant, maintainable, and testable JavaScript framework. Vue also aims to be progressive, meaning that if you have an existing application you can use Vue in just one part of your frontend that needs a more interactive experience. More willingly, you can build more business logic into your front-end from the start. Vue has the core libraries and ecosystem you’ll need to scale. What I wrote here is just a part of what Vuejs is capable of. If you really want to learn this program, I will first recommend you to check Vuejs Age for more information about Vue’s capacity, facilities, and advantages.

Before anything else, you should know that nowadays there are more than 300.000 developers using Vue. I really think that this is a good reason to convince your supervisor to use this framework too. It’s very important for your software startup to be always oriented after cutting-edge apps. On the other side, there are minor drawbacks yet to be fixed such as— Job hoping might be limited if you say you know only Vue — Existing Angular and React developers might be too invested in the frameworks they already know — Being too flexible can be problematic.

In conclusion, we can all agree upon the fact that if you are a web developer, VueJs is worth learning. The final thoughts are that VueJs has few disadvantages compared to other frameworks. Moreover, it is high-speed rendering, efficient component operation, and simplicity of code are some of its core strengths which make it one of the most preferred frameworks currently.