Our brand guidelines


"Webamboos" should always be written in a single word with a capital "W".

Whenever using our logo on any material, be it digital or print, please give it breathing room and make use of the right version based on available space. We prefer the usage of the wide logomark, but in tight spaces (such as icons) we are comfortable with the logo version. Lastly, do not use our logo in other colors that specified here, and avoid adding strokes or shadows.


The logomark should be preferred most of the time.

White Webamboos logomark

The logo alone should be avoided when there is enough room. Use the logo for small spaces such as favicons, app icons, and so on.


When using our brand colors, please take into consideration contrast and readability.


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Vasile Alecsandri 2, Timișoara

Romania, EU

307825, Moșnița Nouă, Timiș

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