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MVP, Biding platform, Automation QA


14 months, 44 man-months


2 x Frontend, 1 x Backend, 1 x Project Manager, 1 x DevOps, 1 x QA Automation

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The FairArt marketplace is already transforming how art is bought and sold online.

Founded on the principles of accessibility and equitability, FairArt is creating the industry’s first C2C live exchange marketplace and artist royalty scheme for the secondary art market.

One of the core pillars of FairArt's mission is to promote accessibility and equitability in the art market. In doing so, the platform ensures that both emerging and established artists have an equal opportunity to showcase their talents and gain exposure to a global audience. This democratization of the art market benefits artists and enables art lovers to discover and support a diverse range of creators.

The FairArt user interface is designed to be user-friendly, enabling art enthusiasts of all levels to easily navigate the platform and discover art that resonates with their tastes. Advanced search and recommendation algorithms help users explore a diverse array of art styles and genres, further fostering an inclusive and dynamic artistic ecosystem.

Built with

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Google Drive API
Apple Pay
Google Pay

Key highlights

Admin-powered Art Authentication ensures listing legitimacy

Secure global shipping for art worldwide

Crafted the FairArt platform from the ground up

Dynamic Bidding and Asking using Stripe's APIs

The Challenge

The project focused on the Art Industry and gave great importance to the frontend and design aspects. A lot of effort was dedicated to creating a UI that is both impressive and user-friendly.

Screenshot 2023-08-03 194326.png

We recognized the importance of time and worked quickly to meet the challenge. Our goal was to achieve a speedy launch for FairArt, which we believed was crucial for success. Despite facing tight deadlines, we remained dedicated to creating a platform that would revolutionize the art market.

Screenshot 2023-08-03 195103.png

Despite the tight timeline, a crucial aspect was the implementation of a system to efficiently upload all the artworks from the platform's first users. This task held significant importance in ensuring a smooth and successful launch.

At FairArt, we have smartly incorporated Strapi and Stripe, two external platforms, to improve our abilities without increasing expenses. This enables us to provide exceptional value to our customers.

Strapi has been a cornerstone of our development strategy for FairArt, offering a powerful and flexible headless content management system that enhances our content delivery process.

When it comes to handling transactions on FairArt, security and reliability are paramount. Our choice to integrate Stripe, a leading online payment processing platform, ensures a seamless and secure payment experience for every user.

The Results

Implemented a comprehensive Artwork Authentication feature, empowering administrators to ensure the validity and legitimacy of listings. Admins can review and approve artwork listings, verifying essential paperwork to prevent scams and maintain the platform's integrity. Additionally, the "Optional Authentication" feature offers flexibility by allowing paperwork submission upon buyer interest, streamlining the listing process.

Screenshot 2023-08-04 124624.png

Our platform has undergone performance optimizations to provide lightning-fast speed, resulting in a superior user experience with faster loading times. Users can click, swipe, and interact in a blink of an eye, ensuring they remain engaged and inspired.


We understand the importance of making art accessible to everyone, and that includes ensuring a seamless experience for our users on mobile devices. We've designed FairArt to be fully mobile-friendly, allowing anyone to explore, discover, and engage with the world of art conveniently from the palm of any hand.

mobile 2.pngWe have successfully delivered the platform and have now moved on to phase 2. This involves incorporating new features and addressing feedback from actual users of the platform.

Main features

User Registration

User Registration

An easy way to create frontend user registration form and login form

Payment Integration

Payment Integration

Seamless electronic payments for effortless transactions.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel

A dashboard that allows to manage the content and actors of the app

User Roles

User Roles

Defines permissions for a group of users to perform a certain set of tasks

Playback audio, video, photos

Playback audio, video, photos

Play, directly in the app, the media files

Media Files Uploading

Media Files Uploading

App allows users to upload audio, video, pictures and documents for various purposes

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Enhanced search for precise results.

Our partner's thoughts

The team actively suggests improvements rather than simply building without asking questions.

Francois Costa-Peretti

Co-founder FairArt

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