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Innovative Ideation Web App as a seamless corporate software solution

Idea Morph, is a custom enterprise solution, providing expert advice for fintech and banking corporate companies to help them effectively resolve ideation challenges.

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12 months, 36 man-months


1 X Backend Developer, 1 X Frontend Developer, 1 X Project Manager, 1 X QA

Engagement Model

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Idea Morph is a B2B Saas, focused on the Fintech and Banking industry, that helps companies solve their challenges through a collaborative and structured environment.

With intuitive features and a user-friendly interface, Idea Morph fosters a culture of innovation within organizations, facilitating the transformation of ideas into actionable strategies.

The app comes with the perfect process so that even the most complicated challenges find their solutions, involving each participant at the same time:

  1. Project Setup - the platform sets guidelines for the initiator user to define the challenge and also gathers context and inspiration materials that are used in the upcoming phases

  2. Idea Generation - after the initiator starts the project, each participant receives welcome inspiration packs, along with ideation exercises and more, to assist ideators in generating the best ideas

  3. Voting - after the ideation phase concludes, each participant engages in a voting process, matching and evaluating other ideators' ideas, ultimately determining a winning idea

  4. Concept Creation - this step consolidates the most voted ideas, determining the most effective solution for the challenge. Users can manually create this solution or enhance it with the assistance of ChatGPT

Built with

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Key highlights

Integrated ChatGPT power for the best concept outcomes

Added subscription based user categories

Implemented a smart voting system to facilitate the selection of the best ideas and bring them forward in the ideation process

Set a high security standards so that the best ideas and concepts are available only for the company members

Implemented an user-friendly company dashboard that summarize it's member's contribution

The Challenge

Since the platform was already developed with a no-code solution - Bubble, its clients were expecting a similar approach for the new custom-developed platform.

Recognizing the client's preference for the no-code paradigm, the development team embraced the challenge of delivering a solution with the same user-friendly and adaptable characteristics, aiming to maintain the high standards set by the initial platform development.

They were expecting a top-notch platform, especially since most of their clients are big players in Fintech and Banking. The bar was set high, considering the standards in these industries. The team knew they had to deliver a quality platform that not only met but exceeded expectations. With the financial world being pretty demanding, they aimed to create something robust, secure, and innovative to tackle the unique challenges their clients face in Fintech and Banking.

As mentioned previously, the business area that the app activates comes with numerous cyber threats.

Recognizing the critical role security played in safeguarding the integrity of the system, a comprehensive approach was taken to fortify the platform against potential vulnerabilities and ensure the protection of confidential information.

At the same time, we and our clients wanted to keep the platform modern, as the implementation of AI was necessary for the best concept outcomes.

The Solution

To meticulously plan and cover all the details, we conducted a comprehensive discovery workshop. We navigated through the project's complexity, defining goals, outlining requirements, and establishing a roadmap for seamless execution. The collective insights gathered during this discovery workshop laid a solid foundation, ensuring a shared understanding among all participants and setting the stage for a well-informed and successful project implementation.

To streamline communication and ensure the smooth progress of the project, we took the proactive step of assigning a dedicated project manager. Beyond just communication, the project manager plays a crucial role in meticulously tracking and managing deliverables.

In our commitment to developing a high-quality custom enterprise software solution, we designated a dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) professional to meticulously monitor every aspect of the application. The goal is to grow confidence in the reliability and performance of the application, assuring end-users of a smooth and error-free experience.

We approached the development in two phases. The first focused on creating an MVP similar to their existing system, while the second phase introduced additional features based on client requests.

The Results

We successfully met the deadline for the first phase, benefiting from the clarity that characterized the project's initial stages. The clear understanding of requirements and objectives facilitated a smooth and timely delivery.

Additionally, the optimizations identified during the workshop proved instrumental in enhancing the platform's performance. The collaborative efforts and insights gained during the workshop not only streamlined the development process but also contributed to the overall optimization of the platform, resulting in improved efficiency and functionality.

The second phase took a bit longer because we had to figure things out through trial and error. The requirements kept changing to better fit the user's needs. It was a bit more time-consuming, but it allowed us to make sure the final product nailed what the users needed and wanted.

After reaching the second milestone, our clients achieved a significant breakthrough by successfully persuading a major bank to become a part of their platform. This accomplishment marked a pivotal turning point in their journey, underscoring the growing appeal and viability of their platform for prominent institutions. The partnership with a significant bank not only enhanced the platform's credibility but also opened doors to broader opportunities for collaboration and expansion.

Main features

User Registration

User Registration

An easy way to create frontend user registration form and login form

Payment Integration

Payment Integration

Seamless electronic payments for effortless transactions.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel

A dashboard that allows to manage the content and actors of the app

User Roles

User Roles

Defines permissions for a group of users to perform a certain set of tasks

Media Files Uploading

Media Files Uploading

App allows users to upload audio, video, pictures and documents for various purposes

Reporting & Analysis

Reporting & Analysis

Generate reports with data, charts, and graphs in an easy way to be analysed



Integration with ChatGPT



Native app-like experience being accessed through a web browser

Our partner's thoughts

It was a great pleasure working with the team from Webamboos. The team was very responsive, involved and always coming up with 2-3 solutions and alternatives so that we could have options to choose from. They worked very fast and helped us deliver the product in 3 months which was amazing. 🚀 Recommend working with the team ✌️⭐️

Alina Catalina Banuleasa

CEO Idea Morph

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