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MVP, Marketplace


24 months, 48 man-months


1 X Backend Developer, 1 X Frontend Developer, 1 X Project Manager, 1 X QA

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In a world where finding reliable help should be as easy as a friendly chat with your neighbor or a recommendation from a trusted friend on Facebook, the idea of Helperz has arrived to revolutionize the way you access support. We've recognized the widespread challenge of locating trustworthy assistance in various domains, from babysitting and pet sitting to tutoring, elderly care, and household cleaning. This need for a simple and convenient solution has led to the birth of Helperz, Romania's pioneering online platform for all your caregiving and support needs.

Helperz provides an accessible marketplace that bridges the gap between those seeking assistance and individuals eager to lend a helping hand. No longer do you have to rely on word-of-mouth recommendations.

Whether the user is a parent needing a trustworthy babysitter, a pet owner seeking dependable pet sitting, a student requiring academic assistance, a family member seeking elderly care, or someone looking for expert cleaning services, Helperz offers a wide array of caregiving solutions. The platform is designed to simplify the search for assistance and ensure users receive the support they deserve.

Built with

Google Drive API

Key highlights

Comprehensive Caregiving Services

Efficent Online Booking and Scheduling

Incorporated a user role management system

Implemented a user-friendly admin panel that manages the subscriptions of the users

Equipped the platform with an advanced search function

The Challenge

The initial release had already taken shape when we embarked on the project. Our task was to guide in a new iteration of the front end, all while delicately navigating around the existing backend infrastructure.

The challenge lay in evolving the user interface and experience without causing substantial disruptions to the backend functionality. Our goal was to bring fresh life into the platform, introducing innovative features and a revamped frontend interface while ensuring the seamless continuity of the live platform.

This delicate balancing act required a meticulous approach, carefully crafting enhancements that would seamlessly integrate with the existing backend, ensuring a harmonious and uninterrupted user experience.

After redesigning the app, it became a new branding marketplace with multiple new features and services. This meant that we had to carefully consider how to handle all of these services, each with its unique journey.

To handle all of these, we took the following approach:

  • We created a clear and concise navigation structure. This made it easy for users to find the services they were looking for and to navigate between them.

  • We integrated the different services seamlessly. This meant that users could easily move between services without having to start over.

Since the company's marketing strategy was focused on bringing users organically, we worked tirelessly on SEO to ensure that the app was seen by as many potential users as possible through organic search results.

We ensured that the website's technical aspects were optimized for search engines. This included factors such as website speed, mobile-friendliness, and structured data markup.

Our dedication to SEO paid off, as we successfully increased the website's organic traffic by 70% and attracted a significant number of new users for Helperz.

The Solution

For this project to succeed, we had to perform the most efficient brainstorming sessions during our Product Discovery Workshops and the results show that we indeed did.

We assigned the best Project Manager to this project to increase development speed as she set the correct targets for us to succeed until the deadline.

We were facilitating different A/B testing to see how the users react to the new features and to improve them based on the received feedback.

The Result

Helperz is an app that we put ahead in the examples list when it comes to our successful projects, as the app is live and already has over 22000 users, but it also brings new ones every day.

Market-wise, Helperz is leading the babysitter segment as our client's target is even higher since they are attempting to maintain their 40000 helpers and 20000 families.

We're extremely proud of our development team for their ability to surpass the challenges above. However, we're also grateful for the flawless communication we had and still have with our clients.

Main features

User Registration

User Registration

An easy way to create frontend user registration form and login form

Payment Integration

Payment Integration

Seamless electronic payments for effortless transactions.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel

A dashboard that allows to manage the content and actors of the app

User Roles

User Roles

Defines permissions for a group of users to perform a certain set of tasks

Media Files Uploading

Media Files Uploading

App allows users to upload audio, video, pictures and documents for various purposes

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Enhanced search for precise results.

Our partner's thoughts

The team is involved in the whole process, and they offer reliable advice, based on their expertise

Ovidiu Stegari

Founder & CEO Helperz

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300088, Timișoara, Timiș

Romania, EU

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