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Let’s be honest, we all like competitiveness, especially when there is an extra stake around.




MVP, Design


6 months, 14 man-months


1 x Designer, 1 x Project Manager, 1 x DevOps, 1 x Mobile Developer, 1 x Backend Developer

Engagement Model

Fixed Price

Let’s be honest, we all like competitiveness, especially when there is an extra stake around. PICK24 is a mobile application that is ready to feed this human side of us, without making it necessarily too addictive. What makes the application different from other solutions is that this mobile application is a social trading app, where the money that you win cannot be withdrawn, and they only stay in the app.

It’s a commonplace where you can bring all your friends together and see which one is better at predicting the sports results. PICK24 brings multiple private clubs, where you can join and invite your friends, place some bets, and see which ones will end up on the leaderboard.

This social trading mobile application includes all the major sports clubs and sports leagues, where all the data is updated in real-time to showcase market movements and user insights, check your own history and compare it to the ones of your competitors. To spice things up a little bit, compared to other solutions available on the market, you get the chance to view the open picks of the best performing history movements from other sports clubs.

Built with

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AWS Lambda
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React Native
Apple Pay
Google Pay

Key highlights

Integrate an existing API with a new complex system that delivers data in real time

Have a strong and flexible technical architecture

Work with complex formulas, subscription plans, approvals, and real time data processing

Fit the development roadmap of the new sport mobile application with a tight schedule and deadline

The challenge

When building a react native mobile app, we had to make sure that all the puzzle pieces got synchronized in the best possible way. Our dedicated react native team took the challenge and started analyzing all the elements, and came up with a further development plan.


One of the first challenges as with any product development project is time related, as our team had to deliver the final product before the new football season. The main focus for the first sports activities from the mobile app was football, so we had only 3.5 months available to deliver it.

From the technical point of view, there was an existing API that we had to integrate into the brand new mobile application and ensure that data communication goes smoothly between old and new systems, and deliver results in real time. An extra layer on this piece of cake we had the complex formulas that had to calculate different combinations of bets for multiple users, which added a bit of complexity. 


As a common step before going into the native app development process, we go through a discovery session together with the client, to highlight and understand what are the most important pieces. 

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From the end user point of view, we had to analyze and come up with a design and development plan for the best user journey from user registration, betting settings, payment options, and friendly notifications. Inside the PICK24 application, all the data had to synchronize perfectly, display data in real time, have a wide range of subscription plans available, show in-app messaging, and analyze user performance through simple and efficient reporting. 

Each of these challenges had to respond to different needs because the features were going to be placed in different ways according to the right type of user. PICK24 had multiple layers of user roles, managers, and members, and respectively views, permissions, and functionalities for each one of them.


A developer’s role is a very important one as it needs to take complex technology and architecture and split it into baby steps, familiar and friendly for different types of people. A full roadmap of all the private clubs and sportS leagues was provided by the client and brought to the table, so we had to transform them into friendly picks for each user.

user info-open picks (1).png

The design and development perspective took a look at the most common behaviors and biases that sports aficionados and experts have and translated them into simple functionalities inside the mobile application. All the charts and graphics were adapted to fit each mobile device screen and incentivize users to come back and place one more bet while analyzing the performance of their past actions.


PICK24 launched as one of the leading mobile applications in this field and is now attracting several users that are predicting sports results, and competing with their friends in a familiar environment.

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We mixed good communication, asset planning, and a clear product development roadmap with the time constraint that we had, to make sure we deliver the best possible option, in the time frame needed by the client. This is how the digital product development team from Romania was able to deliver the mobile development process in a flexible, yet short period of time.

Main features

Custom Charts

Custom Charts

The users can personalize their charts having custom views

In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases

There are services or goods that can be bought inside the app

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Receive notifications in real time directly on your phone

Real Time Data Processing

Real Time Data Processing

Take input of rapidly changing data and provide output using algorithms

Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Users can share web content on a social network to their connections, groups, or specific individuals

Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans

Recurring payments to have access to a certain service

User Registration

User Registration

An easy way to create frontend user registration form and login form

User Roles

User Roles

Defines permissions for a group of users to perform a certain set of tasks

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